Monday, 15 October 2012

Mushroom season

The wind is blowing and moist is in the air. I can smell it so well. The garden is so un summerlike. Close to sleep above ground and beneath preparing for next spring. I love this part of the year. Always have.
It's mushroom season. They will be more often on our menu. With garlic, parsil, salt and peper prepared in butter and a bit of olive oil. Simple and delicious. Together with a green pasta.... and life is good.

Autumn Melange


Susana Ferrand said...

Love your post!

Aljona Beslagic said...

I made a very delicious pasta saus last sunday with a seasonal mix of mushrooms :) They are indeed great for the season!

Zyzanna said...

Love mushrooms! :)
Pretty pictures.

dindi said...

In autumn I used to go for long quests for mushrooms in the fields and forests....and I loved it! My favorite mushroom was the brown roll-rim! then considered edible and eaten widely in Eastern and Central Europe, it has since been found to be dangerously poisonous, responsible for the death of German mycologist Julius Schäffer in 1944!

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

I have a special love affair with the mushroom, too--especially the brown one and the oyster one. Thanks for the dinner idea, Jetty :-)