Tuesday, 7 January 2014


Oh, dear. Such a long time I was here and a new year is already a fact. First of all I wish everyone a fabulous, healthy and creative 2014!!! May many wishes come true......

One of my long time wishes came true at the end of last year. It can happen......
My daughter and I bought a horse. We had planned to buy a horse somewhere in the middle of this year but that was before we knew Sam. She is an 8 year old mare, naughty and lovely and special and we fell in love with her and now we own her and she owns us. It is like magic and I still feel so excited about it and truly sometimes cannot believe it all happened.Her photograph is from a collaboration between my husband and my daughter and me as a photographer could still not pick up the camera and shoot, I am that overwhelmed....

Soon there will be a day for her and me and my cam....

Monday, 15 October 2012

Mushroom season

The wind is blowing and moist is in the air. I can smell it so well. The garden is so un summerlike. Close to sleep above ground and beneath preparing for next spring. I love this part of the year. Always have.
It's mushroom season. They will be more often on our menu. With garlic, parsil, salt and peper prepared in butter and a bit of olive oil. Simple and delicious. Together with a green pasta.... and life is good.

Autumn Melange

Monday, 16 July 2012


Summer already. It has been very chilly in Holland and it resembles autumn more. I was traveling for two weeks to the summer country and there in Croatia we had a heatwave. Such a difference in only a days drive!

I'm hoping for better weather ofcourse and mostly august is better. Important for the tomatoes and grapes in our garden. The cats are fine, a bit bored on rainy days but on the sunny ones the large garden is their world to investigate, but for Gara the world beyond that is most intriguing:)

I documented  a bit of summer color for you, hopefully it will give you a sunny smile:)

poppy still

Sunday, 1 April 2012


Long has it been that I have updated my blog. Many changes were taking the better part of my spare time. And now I am here to tell about the most major one. As the title already says, Feline.

Yes, we took two cats from the shelter. And this is truly a change in life and mindset. Most of my childhood I have spend surrounded by dogs. Cats were just not in my dictionary. Odd I found them, mystical and uninterested in humans. How wrong I was.

The story started when my sons cat Misko joined us for  christmasholidays and life changed rapidly. What a pure joy it was, such an interesting animal waiting to greet you in the morning. Wonderful to spend zen moments during his daynaps. Listening to funny sounds, each having its own meaning. And emptiness struck when Misko left.

 We than decided that we had enough space for two cats from the shelter and Quinn and Gara, at the age of maybe 6 months (nobody knows exactly) entered and conquered our home.


Their beginning wasn't the easiest one, but together with the lovely people from the clinic they now have overcome all their problems. Since than it became impossible for me to follow movies or reading books. Their performance everyday has filled all my need for art. They are brilliant actors and pose everytime for taking photographs in our minds.

Gara in Dreamland...

Quinn has earned a nap:)

Two cats, two characters, the best friends for each other and for us:)

Sunday, 4 December 2011


Sometimes a photograph needs no title. Because the title wouldn't do it justice. A title could give away a meaning a photographer maybe has, while an image could have many. Or the viewer could see many different ones. Sometimes emotions portraited in an image can touch a chord. Or the colors brings memory. It's all in the eyes of the beholder, so why a title?

Click on the photograph to enlarge

My daughter, my muse...

Friday, 2 December 2011

December already?!

Honestly, how did this happen! Months passed by and we have had the best of fall weather, until now that is. Rain and wind the next week and after that...maybe snow? Who knows. Would be nice to have a white christmas, don't you think.

Ah, Christmas, all the twinkles, cheerful music, gatherings around the dinner table and a drink around the fire outside. All is so stressful in the days before, it always seems to be and this year  I'd like to think I can be ahead of time and plan everything well. Hmmm...

Anyway, the first sign of christmas arrived at my doorstep today. One of my dear teammates send me a highly original present for the team holiday swap and I adore it. Entirely handmade and one of a kind, with my initials, I'll cherish it forever! Thank you,  Maria from Psarokokalo, you are fantastic!!

Sunday, 26 June 2011


A belated one I know:) As always time runs just in front of my steps and I'm not able to catch up. The longest day has passed, and it is summer. Having coffees outside, watching the garden, listening to bugs having a great time eating my vegetables and circling around my flowers.

Also another project in the house, a room being renovated into fresh decor. Dust and paint in my hair and being happy and tired in the evening with progress.

I wish for you a wonderful summer. Be as much outdoors as you can, let the sun see your face and the warm summer wind touch your skin...